What are your shoots like?

A common curiosity (especially for first time models) is what photo shoots are like. Here are some thoughts and observations around that - if you have any questions or if I missed something you are curious about, e-mail me your question!


Before your shoot we'll have a chat about the general direction of the shoot, go over your own preferences, and discuss what sort of wardrobe to bring on the day of the shoot. I'm available to answer questions and field your ideas at any time.

Before your shoot you'll get an e-mail with a recap of what we've discussed as well as the location's address, schedule, and any parking information applicable.

Shoot Arrival

Once you have arrived at the location (whether it is my home studio or other location), I'll welcome you and give you a brief tour of the space. I'll show you where to put your things, where the restroom is, and give you a few minutes to settle in.

I'll show and explain the model release form to you, and collect the information for it as well as your signature. We'll also recap your preferences.

Time to Take Photos

Then we'll get to work! When doing a session that will include any sort of nudity we'll usually start out with some setups that are fully clothed or shirtless. This gives us both an opportunity to "warm up" and get comfortable with each other.

I love hearing other people's musical tastes - we'll get some tunes of your choice going. I know you might "like everything," but take an opportunity to pick a favorite artist or album as a starting point, or pick an album that gets you into a mood that will come across well in our photos.

I love to laugh, and am a very lighthearted guy -- expect an easygoing atmosphere, some lame jokes, and some laughter. While the images may come across as being serious, we're going to have a good time together.

While we've talked over your preferences, you are ultimately in charge of who sees your body and are encouraged to speak up if your comfort level changes. For example, if you tell me before the shoot that you're okay with rear nudity but arrive at the shoot and find that you'd prefer not to, please say so! I'm incredibly easygoing and able to adapt to nearly any changes proposed during the shoot.

Along those lines, I will not be touching you in any place that can be considered sensitive. If I do need to touch you to make an adjustment, it will be to non-sensitive places on your body and I will ask if it is OK before I do.

The reason I spell this out and the reason it is important is because you will potentially be in a more vulnerable state than you usually are in day to day life, and it is important that you feel safe/secure/in control. This should be a freeing and powerful experience for you - I want to create the safe space for that to happen in.


The shoot is over, and you've probably stopped on the way home for your favorite cheat day meal. We had fun, and it was a lot of work, but the work isn't over yet!

During our session I will have taken hundreds of images, and now I need to carefully go through our set and find the gems!

The waiting is the toughest part - I'll try to go as fast as possible, but please know it may be a wait of a few weeks for me to finish your set.

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